Mountain centre funding request mostly favoured by Comox Valley regional District board

The regional district committee of the whole supports a request to boost funding to the Vancouver Island Mountain Sports Society.

With the exception of Cumberland director Gwyn Sproule, the regional district committee of the whole supports Area C director Edwin Grieve’s request to boost funding for this year alone to help the Vancouver Island Mountain Sports Society get its sports centre up and running on Mount Washington.Grieve has requested a 10-per-cent increase to the VIMSS 2012 requisition — from $235,678 to 285,678 — and an additional $28,567.80 ($23,567.80 plus an originally proposed $5,000) towards the operation of the new facility. “These people have worked very, very hard for this,” Grieve said at Tuesday’s meeting. He is seeking a one-time “hand-up” as opposed to a handout. On Monday, Sproule and the rest of Cumberland council passed a motion to not support the proposed $28,567.80 grant. Sproule said Cumberland has limited funds to support extensive recreation programs in the village, which makes it difficult to support a facility as far away as Mount Washington. Cumberland Mayor Leslie Baird questioned why the Village should invest money into something that is not used by every Comox Valley resident.Grieve suggests maintenance at the mountain sports centre — like transit and other services — should be tackled by the Valley as a whole. He also suggests Mount Washington is a “bit of a different animal” that contributes its fair share to CVRD coffers. “This, to me, is a simple question of investment,” Courtenay director Jon Ambler said. Fellow Courtenay representative Manno Theos noted the spinoff effects produced by the ski resort.

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