Mother frustrated at sentencing delays

Keremeos woman lives in fear of seeing man convicted of exposing himself to children

Helpless is how one mother feels after delays in sentencing the man who was convicted of exposing himself to her son.

The woman, whose name cannot be revealed to protect the identity of the children who were victimized by Roy Charles O’Donaghey, said the whole ordeal has been going on for three years because of delays.

“I am tired of him being here in my face and my son being scared … I have had sleepless nights with my son crying as he does not understand how someone could get away with this,” said the mother.

“I have gone shopping and had my son run to me thinking he has seen O’Donaghey in the store. It affects him every day. Three years is way too long for a system that we are supposed to trust and follow.”

While the graphic details brought forward in the trial where the Keremeos man was found guilty of two counts of exposing his genitals to minors left many in the gallery noticeably uncomfortable, O’Donaghey claimed his penis had been accidentally exposed.

The man said he pulled the leg of his shorts to the side to allow his dog to lick his genitals in an attempt to clean boils located in his groin area.

Crown counsel argued O’Donaghey had “sexualized conversations” with both of the youths and one of them was exposed to O’Donaghey’s penis when he placed it on the back of his truck tailgate and told the youth to use it as target practice with a pellet gun.

Defence counsel suggested the two exposure charges be dismissed because they were childish games of dare and were not for a sexual purpose.

Instead, Judge Gregory Koturbash sided with Crown counsel Catherine Crockett that O’Donaghey’s statements to the RCMP about giving in to certain urges he had, telling one of the victims to not tell their parents and the fact he showed remorse to the point of wanting to apologize to the youths showed the acts were sexually motivated and not innocent exposures.

The mother of one of the victims of O’Donaghey’s exposure said the past three years have been a nightmare for the families involved because the man still drives the streets of Keremeos.

“I have kept my mouth shut and followed the court system,” she said.

“My son has no peace neither does the other victim. They still wait and both have long since lost their faith in the court system.”

O’Donaghey was most recently scheduled to be sentenced on Feb 12 but during his appearance the court heard the psychiatric portion of his assessment had not been completed.

He is now scheduled to return to court on Wednesday.


Penticton Western News