Moosehide a symbolic shield

Regional District of Nanaimo director Howard Houle presented on an anti-violence initiative last month.

Regional directors heard about the protective power of moose hide.

Regional District of Nanaimo Area B director Howard Houle brought an anti-violence against women and children initiative to the attention of his peers last month.

At a regional district meeting, Houle made a presentation on the Moosehide Campaign, a movement of aboriginal and non-aboriginal males taking a stand by wearing a square of moose hide.

“The piece of moose hide signifies their commitment to protecting women and children in their lives,” said Houle.

Houle said he wanted to make directors and staff aware of the campaign and to bring the issue of violence against women forward.

“Of course, from the board, staff finds out about it and I’ve had several inquries from staff, so it will grow from there,” said Houle.

According to the Moosehide Campaign website, in August 2011, Paul Lacerte, an aboriginal man, became inspired while moose hunting with his daughter near the Highway of Tears, a 720-kilometre stretch of highway between Prince George and Prince Rupert, where aboriginal females have been murdered or gone missing.

While his daughter skinned the moose, he thought his daughter deserved a life free of violence and the idea was conceived.

The aim is to hand out one million squares across Canada in the next 10 years.

Nanaimo News Bulletin