The West Fraser Road, 600 metres north of Narcosli. File photo

The West Fraser Road, 600 metres north of Narcosli. File photo

MLA Coralee Oakes provides an update on West Fraser Road washout

Ministry of Transportation to give recommendations on potential fixes by fall

  • Jul. 14, 2018 12:00 a.m.

MLA Coralee Oakes addressed the washout of the West Fraser Road at the Cariboo Regional District’s meeting in Williams Lake today (July 13).

One of the more dramatic changes to infrastructure from this spring’s floods was the damage to the street, where 150 metres of pavement near Roddie Road was carried away by powerful currents.

While the incident occurred at the end of April, engineering firms are still working out the best plan of attack to get the travel corridor back in action.

Progress is slow for a reason.

“There are three particular areas of the slide that they are worried about staff going into,” MLA Oakes says.

“There has been some reluctance to get engineers in there because it’s still unstable.”

The Ministry of Transportation are hoping to post their findings on their website at the end of July, so people can see the amount of damage that has been done and understand the complexities of the task ahead.

MLA Oakes says they will come forward with three potential options to show people by fall.

She says they might keep the West Fraser route that currently exists; perform a realignment into the rock, which might be more stable, or there is a possibility that they will explore a whole new route.

Right now, Oakes says they are struggling because of the sensitivity of the creek and there are concerns with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans too.

She stresses a solution is needed as the current forest service road detour is not a long term solution.

“It’s not a paved highway and there’s wear and tear on vehicles and [extra gas costs],” she says.

She adds 20 children who depend on the road to attend elementary school have to get on busses at 6:30 a.m.

“As we head into the new school year, you’ve got children [who spend] over two hours on school buses on a forest services road, so there’s a lot of concerns about safety,” she says.

“Its’ a forest service road, so what kind of condition is it going to be kept in come fall?”

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