Mission RCMP will have increased presence on Halloween

But not to the same degree as years past as Halloween 'ruckus' has been dwindling

Mother and son trick-or-treating

Mission RCMP will be patrolling the streets tonight as trick or treaters go door-to-door. And while there will be extra manpower on hand, Staff Sgt. Steve Crawford says Halloween is not as big an issue as in years past.

“Halloween seems to, anecdotally, seem to be losing its popularity. Certainly the ruckus of years gone by are not as evident anymore.”

While there will be an increased police presence, Crawford said it is nothing too significant.

“We have a couple of support units like POST (Prolific Offender Suppression Team) and the Street Crimes Unit (SCU), some of their people have been rescheduled to work tonight,” said Crawford.

There will also be a number of unmarked vehicles.

“At one time we would have had significant numbers working. Now we supplement it but not to the same degree because people are being better behaved and there’s not as many of them.”

Crawford reminds people to stay safe tonight.

Trick or treaters will be out in full force on the streets of Mission and drivers should take care to watch out for excited children.

Children should also remember to be seen by wearing bright, reflective costumes, trick or treat in groups or with a guardian, stay in areas you are familiar with and don’t jaywalk.

“It’s meant to be fun and that’s what it should be.”

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