Milner Heights developer promises to deal with traffic issues

Developer agrees to reduce size of development by six units and bring in changes to slow traffic.

A developer has made a $100,000 commitment to make changes to a project that has raised concerns about increased traffic in an already-busy area of Langley Township.

Vesta Properties has agreed to post a bond to fund “public consultation, design and construction of traffic calming measures” for the fourth phase of the Milner Heights development near 72 Avenue and 208 Street.

A Township staff report to council said Vesta has also agreed to scale back the size of the project from 125 units to 119, and to make a number of changes to slow traffic on a major road through the development, including the elimination of two “driveway accesses.”

That comes after a June 16 public hearing on the project that was dominated by opponents of the proposal, mostly residents who bought homes in the first three phases of the Milner Estates development by Vesta.

They said the fourth phase would funnel too much traffic through their neighbourhoods, creating congestion and potential safety hazards.

Councillor Charlie Fox wanted a bigger change that would alter the road layout of the townhouses to redirect traffic away from the objecting residents, but endorsed the revisions in the report as “positive.”

A majority of council agreed when the proposal came up for a vote, with only Councillors David Davis and Kim Richter voting against the proposed changes.

“It’s way too dense,” Richter said.

The original design, with 125 houses, would have required increasing the allowable density from 21 units per hectare to 23.

The tweaked development will have a density of 22 units per hectare.

Langley Times