Meet the North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Ambassador Candidates for 2019/2020

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Ambassador Candidate

North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Ambassador Candidate

Haille Johnson

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Haille is a 14-year-old Barriere Secondary School student who is entering grade 9 this September. Haille was born in Lloydminster, and moved to Barriere when her family returned to the community 13 years ago.

“My parents names are Michelle and Tom,” says Haille, “I have an older sister named Taylor, and a younger brother, Cayden. I have three guinea pigs, one rabbit, two sheep and a dog.”

She likes “doing things” with animals, listening to music, and her favourite subject in school is math. One of Haille’s favourite pastimes is styling her sister’s long hair.

After completing high school Haille says she would like to attend Thompson Rivers University for degrees in Animal Health Technology and Agriculture. She would, “Like to travel so I can learn new cultures and experience different ways of life.”

Haille says in her first year of high school she is proud of making the Principal’s List, as well as winning several sports awards including MVP and Unsung Hero awards.

What piece of advice would she give to others just entering high school?

“Don’t let words get to you,” says Haille, “It doesn’t matter what is on the outside, it’s the inside that matters. As long as you love yourself, who cares what everyone else thinks.”

What is Haille’s favourite quote? “Live your life knowing that your potential is so much more than you could comprehend yourself.” – Nick Jonas.

Why did Haille enter the NTFFRA Ambassador Program?

“I decided to join to follow my big sister’s footsteps,” says Haille, “And I am looking forward to representing my community.”


North Thompson Fall Fair and Rodeo Ambassador Candidate

Jonathan Fennell

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Jonathan is a 17-year-old Barriere Secondary student who is entering grade 12 this September. He was born in Kamloops, B.C., and says he has lived in Chu Chua “all of my life”.

Jonathan has two brothers, Brad and Jeff, two “loving parents”, a dog named Bane, and a cat named Smokey. Jonathan likes “good people, good food, and good books”. In his spare time he works on the family farm, spends time with the family, and even does house work. His favourite pastimes are, “Watching TV, building plastic models, playing the piano, reading a book, and playing video games.”

Once Jonathan completes high school he plans on “working on the farm over the summer and then attending Thompson Rivers University for a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering”.

Jonathan says he would, “like to travel and see new cultures – and have fun out there. I’ve never been out of Canada so I think it would be a great experience.”

He is personally proud of being selected for the National 4-H Council Science Fair in Nova Scotia, saying, “It’s the farthest I’ve traveled, and also being able to showcase my experiment and meet other 4-Hers from across the country.

What piece of advice would he give to others just entering high school?

“Kids can be really mean, but don’t take it personally. Once you pass through high school you are home free!”

What is Jonathan’s favourite quote? “The whole is worth more than the sum of it’s parts.” – Aristotle.

Why did Jonathan enter the NTFFRA Ambassador Program?

“I wanted to try something new before I head to university. I would like to achieve new skills that this program is offering. I would also like to represent and showcase my community to other areas of British Columbia.”

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