McLeod muses as fall session wraps

Parliament focused on jobs, economy and immigration

Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod says it was a “very, very busy” legislative agenda in Ottawa, as the end of the current parliamentary session wraps up the Conservatives’ first full year as a majority government.

Parliament’s focus has been on the economy and jobs, as well as “watching what’s happening in the world” in terms of the fragile situation in both the United States and Europe, she adds.

“I think it was a productive session with 35 pieces of legislation that should have royal assent by year end.”

“The economy to me is a really huge and important issue right now. Since July 2009, there are 880,000 net new jobs in Canada, which is a tremendous recovery from our recession. And, most of these jobs are full time in the private sector.”

McLeod says it’s also “important” for Canadians to understand the net debt-to-GDP [gross domestic product] is the lowest in the G7 countries.

“We’re certainly in a very good position in terms of any other countries.”

However, McLeod reiterated her government’s plan to get back to a balanced budget in its “medium term” in Parliament [ending November 2015], which the MP says she is confident will happen “given no sort of catastrophic happenings or shakes” to the economy.

“Of course, we watch what’s happening in Europe and we continue to watch what’s happening in terms of the U.S. fiscal cliff [potential economic effects from a U.S. deficit reduction].”

The economy and issues around immigration are both “absolutely critical” issues, she adds.

“I think we’re making many common sense and practical changes to our immigration system.”

These include considering job shortages and skilled workers in Canada, and trying to focus immigration on this country’s actual needs.


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