McLean Mill will host a “Back in the Day” event for Seniors Week on June 9. FACEBOOK PHOTO.

McLean Mill to host first steam train excursion June 9

Rail maintenance and campsites are nearly complete

McLean Mill’s first steam train and logging show is scheduled for next week, and executive director Deanna Beaudoin says the mill site will have a new look.

The maintenance for the rail is nearly complete, and so is the work for the new McLean Mill campsites.

“All the work that was due for the tracks has been done,” said Beaudoin, during a May 23 meeting of city council. “They had to change out three ties, which came after the fact, so that prolonged it a little. And then one of the inspectors got sick, which is, like the snow, out of our control.”

Beaudoin said the crew was planning spend the rest of the week doing infrastructure work and fixing up two of the bridges.

“All of it is possible, and none of it is going to stop the train, so we’re very happy with the reports,” she said.

“It did take a little longer than we had anticipated, but as we dug, it became more clear that there was a lot more work that needed to get done.”

On Friday, June 9, the mill will be hosting an event called “Back in the Day” for Seniors Week. The excursion starts at the E&N Train Station at 11 a.m. Everyone is welcome.

The society has also broken ground on their campsites.

The original plan was to build on a piece of Island Timberlands forest land, but this plan has changed.

“Realistically,” said Beaudoin, “the ground isn’t very stable up there, and it’s very muddy.”

Instead, the mill site has opened up eight spots where the former caretaker unit used to be, in a lightly wooded area, for simple rustic camping. This will be ready by summer.

Beaudoin added that she has also been approaching by an organization about adding “glamping,” or glamorous camping, to the site.

“We have so much room that we didn’t actually have to go into IT land, so it’s still completely McLean Mill land,” Beaudoin said. “It will just add another element of life and activity onto the property.”

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