Youbou residents are asking that loggers commit not to log the south slope of Mount Holmes. (Citizen file)

May meeting to address Youbou logging

The organizers of the Save Our Holmes group have booked the Youbou town hall

A group dedicated to preserving the wilderness behind Youbou has scheduled a May 9 meeting and encourages members of the community to attend.

The organizers of the Save Our Holmes group have booked the Youbou town hall for 6 p.m. that Wednesday evening and thus far have a panel of speakers from local and national environmental organizations lined up to talk about forestry in the region and what can be done to preserve nature.

Included in that list are representatives from the Vancouver Island Water Watch Coalition, the Youbou Timberless Society, the Sierra Club, the Ancient Forest Alliance and more.

“We’ve got a panel so far of five and hopefully we’re going for six or seven,” said organizer Pam Henderson.

Henderson said the meeting will start with introductions and then a screening of the brief Don Kitch YouTube film Youbou: Our Home before the speakers take over. A question and answer period will follow.

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“Then we want to get the community [to] vote for a board of directors and members so we can become a society,” Henderson explained.

She said the goal is to stop logging.

“We all want… a moratorium on logging behind Youbou here and hopefully down the road we can have a society and try to do set up a campaign to save the mountain for future generations for the residents,” she said.

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