Man charged with assaulting Ashcroft RCMP officer

An Ashcroft RCMP got a surprise as well as a few bruises last Thursday night when a simple arrest turned unexpectedly violent.

After 8 pm on May 5, River Inn staff requested police assistance with an unknown male who was behaving oddly in the bar, changing his clothes in public and asking staff for free beer.

The man, a 28 year old native of Switzerland, left after police were called but was quickly located on the Ashcroft bridge.

As Cst. Christopher Harris attempted to arrest him, he became violent and attacked the officer. Witnesses to the altercation said it looked at one point as though the man was trying to throw Harris off the bridge, and then later as though he was, himself, going to jump.

Two members of the public ran to assist Harris subdue the man and he was taken into custody with their help.

Cpl. Doug Stone, Acting Detachment Commander while Sgt. Dave Prentice is on holiday, said the Detachment really appreciates the assistance from the public.

The man remains in custody in Kamloops and faces charges of assault, assaulting a police officer, obstruction and possession of under 30 grams of marijuana.

Stone said the man may have been under the influence of drugs at the time. No one was seriously injured.

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