A pie-eating contest was part of the fun at Shirley Day back in 2010.

A pie-eating contest was part of the fun at Shirley Day back in 2010.

Looking Back

A trip through the Sooke News Mirror's time machine

  • Aug. 15, 2012 6:00 p.m.

Aug. 12, 1987

Authorization mailed to hunters

Limited Entry Hunting authorizations have been mailed to hunters whose applications were selected in the random draw held on June 25.

The Limited Entry system is used to control the number of hunters authorized to hunt in a particular area during a certain period of time for a particular type of animal. It limits the total number of animals the hunters may harvest and the kinds of animals, in terms of age and sex, that they may take.

There are 610 Limited Entry hunts this season, involving eight species of animals in 50 areas.


Aug. 14, 1991

Director lambasts Blackstone sewage disposal on Bluffs


A proposal by a Victoria developer to create a tile field above the Sooke Bluffs to handle sewage from a 52-house subdivision was lambasted by Regional Director Lorna Barry at last week’s meeting of the CRD’s environmental committee.

She said that the location of the proposed tile field so close to the Bluffs could trigger landslides and “malodorous drainage on the beach. This is a risk that Sooke people will not tolerate.”

Ms. Barry charged as “irresponsible,” any suggestion that there would be no problems caused by a “massive tile field located near to the edge of such bluffs.

“It is even more uncertain to count on such a treatment plant left to strata council by a developer long gone.”


Aug. 15, 2001

CRD report calls for electoral area amalgamation

Consultant Ben Marr presented his long-anticipated report to the Capital Regional District on Aug. 8, outlining solutions to the ongoing governing problems of the Juan de Fuca electoral area in the first step to changing the CRD’s control in the region around Sooke.

The CRD board members and public audience may have had their differences, but they all agreed on one thing — things cannot remain the way they are. The word “dysfunctional” seemed to be the favourite word to describe the current situation.

So in a rare moment of consensus, Marr’s four strategies to dismantle the Juan de Fuca electoral area and either amalgamate or create new municipalities was met with cautious approval by nearly everyone.

“Everyone in the room already knew everything in the report,” said electoral area director, Brian Henson, who never-the-less thinks the report has some good long-term solutions.


Aug. 11, 2010

Old-growth grove could fall under the axe

It appears imminent that another round of environmental protests will likely come out of the provincial government’s June 30th announcement of the protection of 29,000 hectares of old-growth forest on Vancouver Island.

Already environmental activists such as the Ancient Forest Alliance and the Forest Action Network, are calling for further protection for the area known as ‘Avatar Grove,’ named for the biggest and gnarliest trees in a grove at Baird Creek.

Baird Creek lies just inside the western boundary of the Capital Regional District on the traditional territory of the Pacheedaht First Nation in Port Renfrew.

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