Logging truck goes over embankment on Colleymount Road.

Logging truck goes over embankment on Colleymount Road.

Logging truck goes over embankment on Colleymount Rd.

Colleymount residents reiterate need to improve road conditions.

A loaded logging truck went over an embankment on Colleymount Road after colliding with a grader.

The accident occurred on Dec. 9, 2015, at around 11 a.m.

Drivers of both vehicles were not seriously injured and did not need to be taken to the hospital.

After the logging truck went over the embankment, its load of logs ended up on Francois Lake and hydraulic fluid from its engine leaked into the lake.

The accident took place at approximately 51 km from Francois Lake’s ferry landing. Colleymount Road extends from Francois Lake’s ferry landing to km 54 – west corner of Francois Lake.

Corporal Terry Gillespie with the Burns Lake RCMP said the narrow portion of the road and snow both contributed to the collision.

According to local residents, Colleymount Road has had a significant increase of commercial and non-commercial traffic and presents safety issues such as narrow, blind corners and sloughing on both road portions and embankments.

Colleymount residents have recently gathered 1000 signatures for a petition to improve conditions of the road.

In a letter written to B.C. transportation minister Todd Stone last week, Colleymount resident Judy Stratton warns that “the road was never built to the standards of today’s roads nor was it meant to haul logs on.”

“It is a curvy, very narrow in lots of places and many, many blind corners,” said Stratton. “You can expect more of these accidents unless major upgrades are made to this road.”


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