Lockdown at Fundamental middle school ends peacefully

A distraught student caused a lockdown at the school on Friday.

A distraught student caused a lockdown at Langley Fundamental Middle School on Friday.

But all ended well, with the student being returned to see his family and everyone wanting to support him, said Langley School District spokesperson Sandy Wakeling.

“There was a code yellow perimeter lock down in reaction to a distraught student with disabilities. He was having a particularly bad day and there was some risk he may harm himself or someone else,” said Wakeling.

But there wasn’t a risk to students as the distraught student walked out of the school.

Langley RCMP were called in to secure the school and to look for the student, he said.

“Police located him and officers were very compassionate in this case. Staff and students were also very admirable and everyone is supporting this student,” said Wakeling.

There have been a few lockdowns in the past several months at Langley schools, mostly involving threats to the school or in one case, an adult threatened a teen via a text message. That adult is facing charges for that case in Fort Langley.

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