Sarah Jane Osadetz poses in front of one of her artworks which will be on display at her exhibit on Aug. 14. She finds inspiration in the beauty of nature around her and around Golden. (Sarah Jane Osadetz photo)

Local artist stages ‘Explorations into Impressions’ exhibit

The art exhibit will showcase impressionist paintings of well-known locations close to Golden

  • Aug. 14, 2020 12:00 a.m.

Local artist Sarah Jane Osadetz will have her artwork on display Friday, Aug. 14, 4 to 7 p.m., for her exhibit titled “Explorations into Impressions.”

The exhibit will feature some of her largest works yet, hosted by GO-LAB co-working, which is located in the old courthouse downtown, across from the IGA.

The exhibit has been a year in the making with Osadetz saying she plans on showing off some her largest pieces of art yet.

“Going big can be scary, laying things and making sure it’s all correct and all that, but it’s been very rewarding for me personally and I can’t wait to share this,” said Osadetz.

Osadetz paints in the style of the impressionists.

While she’s experimented with different types of art throughout the years, ranging from poetry to journaling to pastels, she says she didn’t truly find her style until about five years ago, when something just clicked.

After two back-to- back impressionist paintings, she realized she had found something that she truly enjoyed doing.

“I just don’t feel comfortable painting completely accurately, so I just had to accept that I’m an impressionist,” said Osadetz.

“I can sketch almost exactly what I see, but something happens when I have a paint brush and I get so frustrated.

“So I had to accept I’m not a realist and I just played with it and developed my own style and ways of building a painting.”

All of her paintings included in her exhibit were inspired by local nature spots that have meaning to her.

She tries her best to capture the beauty of the area surrounding Golden.

As a former parks employee, she’s seen her fair share of beauty and wants to share it.

She remembers one day in particular where she was leaving Takkakaw Falls and happened to see the sun break out of the clouds and a rainbow form.

The moment imprinted itself on her and is something she hopes she can pass on through her art.

“I hope people feel inspired and a sense of wonder, which is what I feel when I’m out on the trail,” said Osadetz.

“I would ask for people to come and experience it and share that love of special places and hopefully they can get something from it and enjoy it.”

Osadetz also says most of her materials are sources locally, adding to the local feel of her art.

Osadetz says the exhibit will be an immersive experience, with poetry and playlist to accompany her art work.

She also wants people to feel comfortable despite the pandemic.

She plans to implement several precautionary procedures to help her guests feel safe.

RSVPs are encouraged and masks will be mandatory with hand sanitizer made available.

There will also be an early bird showing from 3 to 4 p.m. for those who are immunocompromised or who do not feel safe with the general public due to pandemic health concerns.

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