Little spent on City of Enderby campaigns

The race for Enderby city hall wasn’t big budget, according to Elections B.C. financial documents

The race for Enderby city hall wasn’t big budget.

Financial documents from Elections B.C. indicate that very little money was spent by candidates in the November election.

“In smaller communities, people are more well known and they can get the message out more easily,” said Mayor Greg McCune.

McCune spent $1,853 on his campaign.

“I am not computer savvy so I got someone to create a Facebook page for me because I wanted to get my message out,” he said.

Coming in second for mayor was incumbent Howie Cyr, who generated no expenses.

In terms of council, the expenses for the successful candidates were: Brian Schreiner – zero, Roxanne Davyduke – $343, Tundra Baird – $85, Raquel Knust – $40, Brad Case – zero and Shawn Shishido – zero.

For the other candidates, Jim Macknee spent nothing while Paul McCaig had expenses of $343.

McCune believes it’s a positive that Enderby residents can take part in the democratic process and possibly represent their community for little expense.

“They can throw their hat in there and get out talk to people,” he said.



Vernon Morning Star