Referendum this fall on single garbage collection system. (THE NEWS/files)

Referendum this fall on single garbage collection system. (THE NEWS/files)

Letter: Time we took this issue to the trash, for good

Reader tired, wants Maple Ridge to have single garbage collection

Editor, The News:

Re: City-run garbage pickup, The News, June 22.

As long as I have lived in Maple Ridge, there has been a garbage debate.

In my 70 years, I have lived in large and small cities from the west to East Coast and this is the only city that has not had (municipal) garbage pickup. It makes it a second class city in this regard.

On our recycling day, there are a minimum of four garbage trucks. Someone could study the models of other cities and surely come up with a plan that works. Last place I lived had organic pickup weekly, with garbage one week and recycling the next. You had a choice of the size of bin you wanted for garbage and recycling. There were three sizes and if you used a smaller one, there was no charge and it graduated to your needs with the cost. If you are recycling properly, there is little actual garbage.

Most recycling containers on our street are not even half full during the week, a waste of workers’ energy. However, the bins in the malls and city streets often don’t have room for a coffee cup because of household garbage.

I hope we are moving forward on this. I would prefer garbage pickup to the time being spent on allowing alcohol in a hair-cutting establishment.

Gloria Perini

Maple Ridge

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