Cohl Fleischhacker, managing director of Cedarshed Manufacturing in Lavington. (Barry Gerding, Morning Star)

Lavington firm delivers film prop to Hollywood

Cedarshed Manufacturing garden shed purchased by 20th Century Fox

Hollywood came calling with an urgent need for a garden shed prop last week and a Lavington company was able to deliver.

Cedarshed Manufacturing received a sales order at its Lower Mainland sales office from 20th Century Fox studio in Los Angeles seeking the prop for an upcoming production of Modern Family set to air March 21.

Cohl Fleischhacker, managing director of Cedarshed, said his crew jumped into action to quickly assemble its Bayside pre-fab garden shedin 45 minutes, and one hour after that it was being picked up by a freight truck for delivery to 20th Century Fox.

“It was kind of fun for the guys as we get the call that Hollywood needs us,” joked Fleischhacker.

“It was an awesome feeling for us to get a call like that and the guys were pretty excited about it.”

He is still not sure how 20th Century Fox came to contact his company, but Fleischhacker suspects the company’s social media presence had something to do with it.

“To build a shed like this from scratch would take a couple of days and cost more than for us to send our product there. Two guys can put it together in about an hour on their end so that saves them time and money,” he said.

“Hopefully, this opens some doors for us to do more work like this. You never know. We just filled the order as quick as we could and will see what happens.”

Fleischhacker said this week he isn’t sure whether the 32-square-foot garden shed will be used in a television or movie production as the sales order didn’t specify that information.

The Bayside Lean To model is prebuilt with wood panels, pre shingled roof panels, one fixed window, a Dutch swing door and other potential modifications as required.

“It will be neat to find out so we can watch for it either on television or in a movie,” he said.

Cedarshed was founded in 1980 and has grown to become a cedar specialty product manufacturer in Canada, selling prefab cottage, garden shed and gazebo kits to a global market.

Fleischhacker is the third owner of the company since its founding and recently took over the marketing side of the business as well.

“We now do a lot of our sales online,” he said.


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