Last-minute notice for Nakusp boat ramp meeting

Columbia Power is meeting with Nakusp residents to give an update about the boat ramp project.

A meeting is being held tonight at the Emergency Services Building in Nakusp by Columbia Power Corporation to update residents about plans for the boat ramp.

The wait for the ramp project to start has been a long one, part of why CPC’s Audrey Repin said there was a rush to get the meeting going.

The CPC rep said that short notice was due to scheduling conflicts with UBCM, and not wanting to try to hold a meeting during the summer when most people are busy. The decision to hold the meeting tonight resulted in handing out short notice to the town, however.

“I suppose we could have waited a week, but we’ve already waited so long,” said Repin when asked why so little notice was given about the meeting taking place.

Repin is also aware that delays in the project when it was being looked after by Hydro has been the cause of bad feelings in the community, something she is trying to avoid.

The rep said the meeting brings nothing new to the table in terms of design or plans.

“The plans haven’t changed; it’s not something you haven’t seen before,” she said.

Repin said the meeting is being held so that nothing happens outside of the community without its consultation first.

With any luck, word will spread quickly and Nakusp will be well represented at the meeting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Emergency Services Building.

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