Multiplex will remain closed from May 3 to May 7. (Priyanka Ketkar photo/Lakes District News)

Lakeside multiplex to close for maintenance

Members will get an extension on membership

  • Apr. 28, 2021 12:00 a.m.

The Lakeside Multiplex will be closed in the first week of May for maintenance work.

The village announced that the multiplex will be undergoing repairs and would be taking the opportunity to do some maintenance that is easier in the absence of members of the public inside the building, for health and safety issues.

The Lakeside Multiplex will be closed from May 3 to May 7.

“It is also a slower time for us with the restrictions on indoor fitness classes, and the arena is still being cleaned up after the ice has come out,” said Sheryl Worthing, the village chief administrative officer.

Some of the projects that the village would be undertaking include duct cleaning, which will be better done when fewer people are in the building as it can stir up dust and reduce air quality; deep clean and maintenance of the gym, including painting; floor maintenance in the entrance way that requires minimal foot traffic through the building as well as preparation of the multiplex’s rental equipment for the summer such as kayaks and canoes.

Rental equipment will become available starting mid-May.

Due to the closed week, all active memberships will be extended by five days to compensate for the closure.

The village will be opening its visitor centre’s secondary location at the Radley Beach Park in July and August and the public works department is yet to decide on when the splash park would be opened back up.

According to Worthing, the crew is currently waiting until after the risk of freezing pipes is past. Last frost is generally at the end of May.

“This past year has been a challenging one to make any plans for programs or events, but keep an eye out for a couple of exciting opportunities to keep active this summer, we have some fun stuff planned!” she said.

Priyanka Ketkar
Multimedia journalist

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