Krystle Dos Santos blends together jazz, soul, Motown, and other upbeat music styles with her performance that she’ll be bringing to Golden to start off August. (Krystle Dos Santos photo)

Krystle Dos Santos hopes to bring people together at Summer Kicks on Aug. 4

With a smooth voice and a love of live performing, Dos Santos is hoping to bring people together

  • Aug. 3, 2021 12:00 a.m.

As August begins, so does the second half Kicking Horse Culture’s Summer Kicks line-up, with Krystle Dos Santos taking centre stage at Keith King Park on Wednesday, Aug. 4.

Dos Santos, who calls herself a singer, perform, creator, and actor all bundled into one, describes her style as a mix of jazz and classic soul music that blend together in a fun catalogue of songs. She says she will be performing a mix of original work, but also covers that are sure to get people up and moving.

“This kind of music, it’s something that brings comfort to me and is super familiar to all,” she said.

While it may not be the most mainstream genre out there, Dos Santos says that many are familiar with the Motown classics that she’d built her brand on, and that it’s always fun to see when people recognize her music.

“People don’t realize how common and how much they actually know this music, I’ve done shows in front of kids and they all knew the songs from Guardians of the Galaxy,” said Dos Santos.

She says that it’s the music that she grew up with, and that she’s happy to share it with her audience.

“These songs have been ingrained in my life from childhood, my dad used to play a lot of Stevie Wonder and reggae music, all that really happy upbeat music,” said Dos Santos.

“It suits my voice and style and I don’t want to go against what I’m good at, play to your strengths right?”

Dos Santos is happy to be performing again, saying that she loves to get the audience involved and have some back and forth banter with those who come to watch her perform.

She hopes that people who come to watch her perform are engaged with her and her music.

“I’m looking forward to meeting the audience and the crowd and performing outside, it’s really my happy place,” she said.

“Outdoor music is one of my favourite ways to share my art.”

She says that she hopes that her Summer Kicks performance can be a way for the people of Golden to come together after what has been a hard year and a half for many.

“People who need a pick me up, who are looking to get back into regular life with a happy relaunch, come and enjoy some joyful, soulful music that’s guaranteed fun.”

The performance starts at 7 p.m. at Keith King park, and will conclude at 9 p.m.

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