Kimberley needs to make decision on medical marijuana businesses – Council

Having issued one business license, Council has been asked for another

Kimberley City Council needs to make a decision on what to do about requests for business licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries, and will devote an upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting to a discussion on the matter.

Last month another group approached City Council about opening a dispensary after Council granted a business license to Tamarack Dispensaries, which now operates in Marysville.

In both cases, City Staff had originally denied the business license request because the businesses are technically not approved under federal law. In the case of Tamarack, Council decided to grant a business license after discussion with the owners.

In the second case, the owners never officially asked for a business license again after being denied, just provided information.

Now the proponent has written Council again asking that another look be taken at the decision to turn them down.

Mayor Don McCormick says that the latest letter has asked for a business license in a ‘reasonably direct manner’.

“But we are only three weeks into Tamarack opening and we are collecting data on its place in the community. It’s prudent to see what we are dealing with.”

“This business would be more than edibles,” Coun. Albert Hoglund pointed out.

“I would support staff’s decision to deny for now,” said Coun. Kent Goodwin. “I have concerns regarding the quality of information given. We’re treading new ground and need to go slowly.”

“In fairness we need to give him a time line,” said Coun. Nigel Kitto.

Hoglund said Council was already treading some very thin ground considering they had allowed a coffee shop to be constructed out of C Cans in Marysville right across the street from another new coffee shop. Why are they allowing competition in some cases and not others?

“I think we need a broader discussion of all these issues at Committee of the Whole to find the path forward,” McCormick said. “We can get back to the proponent and tell him we are deferring to a Committee of the Whole meeting.”


Kimberley Daily Bulletin