Kimberley Mosquito Control Program underway

Kimberley Mosquito Control Program underway

The City is asking residents to remove sources of standing water from properties

  • May. 31, 2018 12:00 a.m.

The City of Kimberley is currently undergoing the 2018 Mosquito Control Program. They began the first treatment, directed at the mosquitoes in the larval stage, on May 22.

The City’s contract is with D.G. Regan and Associates, whose contractor is Duka Environmental Services Ltd. D.G. Regan has been hired to drop larvicide in select targeted areas via helicopter.

According to a City Newsletter, these areas are not accessible for hand distribution, and the helicopter treatment maximizes the effect of the product by treating the larger areas faster. The larvicide contains a naturally occurring bacterium which targets the mosquito larvae, but does not harm birds, mammals, beneficial insects or amphibians. The product is registered for use in Canada.

Potential mosquito breeding sites will then be monitored to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

According to D.G. Regan, mosquitoes go through four distinct stages of development through their life; egg, larvae, pupa and adult. Eggs of some species can remain dormant for upwards of 25 years before hatching. Larvae hatch in ponds, catch basins, puddles, and other stagnant bodies of water during spring and summer.

Those sources of standing water on properties can have a potential for mosquito development in Kimberley.

The City is asking residents to eliminate standing water including clogged gutters and ditches, trays under flower pots, untreated or unmaintained pools or ponds, bird baths and feeders, tarps, canoes and boats, and stored tires.

Mosquitoes are attracted to people because of heat, the carbon dioxide we exhale, and fragrances in items such as soaps, perfumes, lotions, hair treatments, and other personal care products, says an information bulletin from D.G. Regan. Their suggestions for reducing the annoyance of mosquitoes are to install and maintain tight fitting window and door screens to help keep mosquitoes out of the home, and wear light coloured, loose fitting clothing. Heat and moisture from barbecues attracts mosquitoes, after cooking move away to enjoy your meal.

D.G. Regan has also busted some common myths about remedies for mosquitoes. According to their website, citronella plants and candles have no data to support their claims. Furthermore, the pleasant odor does not guarantee results. With regards to bug zappers, D.G. Regan says that mosquitoes comprise less than five per cent of the catch, kill mostly beneficial insects, and actually attract mosquitoes. They also state that mosquitoes are 30 times more sensitive to DEET than to skin moisturizers.

For more information contact the City of Kimberley Operations desk at 250.427.9660 or email

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