The Life Kit also includes a Prepared BC Household Preparedness Guide, which outlines how to prepare yourself, your family, and your home in emergency situations.

Kimberley Fire Department to roll out Life Kit program next week

The kit helps those who cannot reliably provide their own medical information in emergencies.

  • Mar. 14, 2018 12:00 a.m.

The Kimberley Fire Department is rolling out a new program that brings Life Kits to seniors in the area.

The Life Kit Program comes as part of the department’s initiative to provide fire safety and education throughout the community.

As the Life Kit instructions state, the kit helps those who cannot reliably provide their own medical information. It is ideal for senior citizens, chronically ill persons, and those who live alone. The information is equally as important for young children under the care of a sitter.

Deputy Fire Chief John Adolphe explained at a Council meeting on Monday, March 12, that the initiative is currently geared towards the senior population, however they hope to eventually have a Life Kit in every home.

The program is being delivered thanks to the local department, Seniors in Partnership, and the local BC Ambulance Service members.

Each Life Kit contains an information sheet that when filled out, provides first responders with vital information on the occupant of the home in the event they are unable to speak for themselves.

There are spaces for medical history, emergency contacts, medications, vital patient statistics and advanced medical directives. The kit also contains two stickers that read ‘LIFE KIT’. One sticker is placed on the entrance to the residents to alert responders that a life kit is available, and the second is placed on the refrigerator, where the Life Kit is kept. A household preparedness guide is also included in each kit, and a separate pouch can be placed in the glove box of your vehicle.

“Our goal is to reach as many seniors as possible in our community,” said Adolphe. “We have started our roll out with some senior user groups attending the Aquatic Centre programs and we will be focussing efforts in partnership with our multi-occupancy housing partners to reach as many seniors as possible this month. The kits will also be made available at the reception desk at City Hall, as the program is not limited to the senior population and the long-term goal is to have the kits in all households.”

The Fire Department will also continue to educate Kimberley’s population about exit drills, emergency scenarios, smoke alarms and other safety initiatives.

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