Kids' Eye View: Spahat Falls

Kids’ Eye View: Spahat Falls

By Kim Pendergast

  • Aug. 6, 2018 12:00 a.m.

By Kim Pendergast

I had the delightful task the other day to have a refreshing new experience of a many times visited favorite local tourist attraction.

The journey took us to Spahats waterfall and Shaden view point. If you have never been there the turn off is at the sign saying Spahats Creek Provincial park. The scenery is spectacular! It is approximately eleven kilometers up the road towards Wells Gray Park from the tourist infocentre.

The thing about this journey that was different was some of the company that I brought along. I had two fun and outspoken kids by the names Jaidan and Colton Webber. Their ages are eight and five years respectively. I decided to interview them along the trip so the rest of us could see things from their perspective.

My first question was to Colton. I asked him how he heard about the waterfall. His response was that his mom told him about it and he thought it might be cool! A great way to look forward to any outing. Very well said Colton!

Jaidan’s question was simple.” What do you want to see Jaidan?” Her answer was equally straightforward. “I want to see beautiful stuff!” Another awesome plan for the day!

Colton wanted to just make sure we got a fun picture of the waterfalls, maybe with his beany boo stuffy in it!

Jaidan wanted to be sure to take a nice picture of her with the waterfall for sharing at school!

Kids just have such a spot-on way of seeing the world around them don’t you think? They see the joy in each experience, where as we sometimes become jaded to the beauty around us. Jaidan was heard to say that there were more trees than she had imagined before, and she and her brother would like to go see Jerry the Moose later on.

She also said she was happy that she and her brother as well as the rest of us had hats on so we wouldn’t have to worry about ticks with so many trees. Another quote from her” It is a really nice hike, I think I would jump off from that ledge if I had a parachute!” “Holy Cow look at that! Wow!”

Colton thinks that there may be 9,842 trees here and they are really tall. “I think we are getting close because it is getting louder” he said. “Oh look I see a rainbow”, “Don’t drop your phone or it is gone!” “Wow, this is really big!”

We enjoyed the view for a bit then set off for the Shaden viewpoint. On the way Colton was heard to hope his sister didn’t get lost in the jungle since she took a shortcut to the car. When we arrived they were pretty happy about how high up we were again above the river.

“It is really far down there, cool” Jaidan said. When we pointed it out both exclaimed, “I see the cave, It must be really big inside, wow!”

Both also wanted to go there and were disappointed that we could not. On the way back both kids were saying how much fun they had and would go there again sometime if they could!

All in all, it was a fun experience for each of us through looking again at the world around us with their fresh perspective and enjoying the time we had to see it!

I will personally happily look forward to more of the same type of adventures. I would love to see more with A Kids Eye View! Wouldn’t you?

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