Kelowna sees normal weather patterns toppled

In one weekend a month full of snow fell on the Okanagan ...

Weather records across B.C. are being crushed under the weight of the latest snowfall.

Kelowna is used to seeing a mere 10.8 cm of snow throughout the entire month of February. As of Monday morning, 21.8 cm had fallen on the city and more is expected throughout the week, said Alyssa Charbonnneau, a meteorologist with Environment Canada.

“It was a very snowy start to the month,” she said, adding that this load of snow is arriving after “the driest January Kelowna on record.”

While Charbonnneau doesn’t have snow measurements for January, she said the total precipitation, which includes rainfall and melted snow, was measured at 9.3 mm, while the normal total is 31.0 mm.

“So it looks like it all came at once,” she said, adding that the season is still on the slightly drier side.

That, however, could change by the end of the week.

Conditions will be pretty mild Tuesday and Wednesday, but by Thursday morning will be a change for the snowier and that will continue for a couple more days.

Once the weekend arrives, the snow should be gone.

While the Okanagan had to deal with some slightly unusual snow issues, the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island were walloped by Mother Nature.

Around 43 cm of snow fell in Powell River, while an astonishing 77 cm recorded in Chilliwack. Both communities have received their yearly snowfall average in 72 hours.

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