Curtis Stone, of Green City Acres, holds produce he grows organically. - Image Credit: Andrew Barton

Curtis Stone, of Green City Acres, holds produce he grows organically. - Image Credit: Andrew Barton

Kelowna local doesn’t need Earth Day

Curtis Stone celebrates Earth Day every day

Curtis Stone celebrates Earth Day every day.

At least, that’s what he told the Capital News as he relaxed in his solar-powered house with three-day-old baby Violet in his lap.

Stone and his wife, Katie Huisman, decided to have the child naturally at home.

His business, Green City Acres converts unused backyards and spaces into farm patches where he grows and sells vegetables in the community.

Since his start eight years ago things have changed in his business. He now teaches farmers about his practices and has gained a following on YouTube.

Stone’s passion for the environment started when he became conscious of what he ate, and his contribution to the planet.

He became a vegetarian for a time at 16-years-old, which the got the ball rolling.

“That started me with an interest, being conscious of what I ate and the things I did in the world. I wanted to be a part of the solution,” said Stone, who is now 37.

The farm started with Stone’s idealism and a bicycle. He remembers one hot summer trucking 200 pounds of food uphill realizing he was “burning out.”

“It just got to the point that I had to make compromises and that was driving a vehicle,” said Stone, who now drives a hybrid. “It’s important to be sustainable as far as the environment is concerned, but you also have to be economically sustainable.”

Realizing the bike wasn’t practical for carrying his produce, he was faced balancing environmental sustainability and the pressures of a world revolving around oil.

“It was honestly a big moral dilemma for me,” he said. “Oil isn’t going away anytime soon.”

Flying has also had a large impact on his carbon footprint, but he travels to give talks and teach farmers about his sustainable farming around the world.

“It’s built the world that we know, the comforts that we have today, the conveniences we enjoy as North Americans, those are all from oil, unfortunately. For me, it’s just about being honest… what is the reality here?” said Stone.

He does his best to make small changes in his life to live sustainably.

“This is my life every day. We’ve made huge compromises to live life by my values. I’m doing everything I can to promote that lifestyle.”

And Stone is optimistic for the future.“I think we are living in the best time that you can possibly in history.”

“I think people want to see green technology, organic is growing like crazy. People are starting to recognize the quality of life that’s tied to the environment,” he said.

Earth Day Canada was founded in 1990 and inspires Canadians to connect with nature and focus on environment sustainability.

Earth Day will is held Saturday, April 22 with happenings around the Okanagan. See page A8 for a list of happenings.

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