Kal Beach banners draw criticism

Coun. Doug Dirk opposed allowing up to three signs or banners at one time on the Kal Beach fence.

A Coldstream politician is concerned about a potential proliferation of signs in a high-profile location.

Coun. Doug Dirk was the only opponent to a motion that allows up to three signs or banners at one time on the Kal Beach fence.

“We’re opening the door and heading in the wrong direction,” he said.

“We don’t want the fence to become a billboard.”

Staff recommended allowing up to three signs or banners instead of the current one.

“In the spring and summer months, there are many organizations that would like to advertise their activities and it is disappointing to the groups that are unable to advertise because another group has advertised on the same dates or overlap on the dates required,” said Bob Bibby, building official.

Coun. Richard Enns was absent Monday.

Budget work underway

Coldstream officials are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work on the 2015 budget.

Council has approved the timeline for developing this year’s financial plan, including a finance committee meeting Feb. 2.

“This finance committee meeting would serve to complete review of operation and capital budgets and as the final preparation of the financial plan bylaw that would be brought to the public,” said Pat Higgins, director of financial administration.

On March 3, there will be a public open house on the budget and a finance committee meeting would be held March 16 to consider any changes to the budget.

The goal is for council to adopt the budget in March or April.


Vernon Morning Star