Introducing Plaid Friday to 100 Mile

Event to focus on local businesses

  • Nov. 10, 2017 12:00 a.m.

Plaid Friday, a shopping event originating in Oakland, Calif., is coming to 100 Mile for the first time on Nov. 24 and local businesses are gearing up for it.

“I love the idea of Plaid Friday,” said Kim Taylor, owner of Whimsey Gifts. “It’s just something in general everyone can participate in.”

It was started as an alternative to Black Friday, focusing on local and small independent businesses whereas Black Friday is usually focused on buying products from big box franchise stores, such as Costco.

It is also highly supported by Love Northern BC and local chapter, Love100MileHouse.

Taylor’s store is one of the many businesses in town and the surrounding area affiliated with Love100MileHouse. Taylor has already bought plaid items, such as ribbons for her bags and also said she would also be wearing plaid during the day.

Another business, The Outlaw, owned by Frankie Vitorino, will be combining both Black and Plaid Friday into one, as they have participated in Black Friday for three years now.

“I’m not sure how we’re going to combine both of them,” said Vitorino, mentioning people already have Black Friday stuck in their heads.”What we’re going to do here ourselves is dress for Plaid Friday. We’re going to have fun with it.”

Some companies, such as A & B Photo owned and operated by Allan Roberts, won’t be participating in Plaid Friday but that doesn’t mean they don’t understand or appreciate the values behind it.

“It would be nice to see the local consumers support the local businesses as best as they can,” said Roberts. “To come here and do the best they can and support their local businesses is something I think is very important. I think the health and well being of your business community is a reflection of your social part of your community.”

Vitorino also believes the event will bring the community together.

“I think it’s self-promoting our community, it’s self-promoting our local businesses,” she said.

“I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

If more people come into the store dressed in plaid, it’s possible Plaid Friday may become bigger than Black Friday in town next year, depending on what the community decides after they see how the upcoming one pans out according to Vitorino.

“I think it has to be a community altogether, not just ourselves in here,” she said. “I think it’s more to the community getting together with our stores and say this is what we will promote, how do we drive this to the next level?”

Love100Mile House is holding a contest until Nov.23, where winners can win $50 to spend at a locally-owned business during Plaid Friday.

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