The Mission Public Schools office on Fourth Avenue has a new inclusion walkway. / Submitted Photo

The Mission Public Schools office on Fourth Avenue has a new inclusion walkway. / Submitted Photo

Inclusion walkway painted in front of Mission Public Schools office

Feedback has been mostly positive, other than some cost concerns says superintendent

The Mission Public Schools Office on Fourth Avenue has a colourful new look.

The entrance to the building now has a multicoloured rainbow walkway leading to the front doors.

“It’s an inclusion walkway,” explained Mission school superintendent Angus Wilson.

The concept was first approved by the Mission School Board a few months ago and was just painted this week.

“So the board passed a motion and said ‘let’s do it’ and we are going to start with one here. Over time, as available and possible and fits into the timetable of facilities, they will add some other ones throughout the district,” explained Wilson.

He said the next likely location for an inclusion walkway would be at the rear entrance of the school board office, then they may expand from there.

Wilson posted a photo of the walkway on Twitter, which he said has received a lot of positive comment. However, a Facebook post has received more criticism.

“Apparently a few people are concerned about it, with regards to the cost.”

However he said cost is “quite minimal” as he entire project, including labour, was $1,500.

“But people said that could be text books or computers are whatever, but it actually can’t,” said Wilson who explained the money for facilities is separate from the money for text books or other items.

He said the alternative use for that money could be to paint the walls inside his office or other small facility maintenance.

“It’s a pretty cheap cost to send a very positive message to students and staff.”

Wilson said he is sure other school districts have completed similar projects and noted that they have received positive feedback online for districts around the province.

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