From left: Harlowe Bird, Avery Sanche, Kennedy Sanche, and Aleeah Bird at the lemonade stand they ran for charity on July 22, 2021 in Sicamous. (Raegen Byron/Submitted)

In Sicamous, when life gives you lemons you make lemonade and sell it for charity

Raegen Byron and Sidney Clark's respective daughters raised money for the B.C. Wildfire Recovery fund

  • Jul. 26, 2021 12:00 a.m.

Raegen Byron and her two daughters, Avery and Kennedy Sanche, created a bucket list for the summer of 2021.

One of the items on that list was “run a lemonade stand.”

Alongside Byron’s best friend, Sidney Clark, and Clark’s two daughters, Harlowe and Aleeah Bird, that bucket list item was checked off and then some on July 22 in Sicamous.

Byron and Clark’s respective daughters made a sign, set up their lemonade stand, and served around 50 customers over the course of the day.

It wasn’t an ordinary lemonade stand, however. The girls’ hydration operation was a charitable effort benefiting the B.C. Wildfire Recovery Fund.

Byron lives right by the Sicamous Fire Hall, so her daughters see firefighters all the time.

She said since her daughters realized how hard firefighters were working battling the Two Mile Road wildfire, they wanted to give the money they made from their lemonade stand to a good cause.

As word spread about the stand, customers poured in, paying a bit more than they might normally have for a glass of lemonade. When all was said and done, the girls had made $340 for charity.

To cap off a successful day that inspired an outpouring of support from the Sicamous community, local food truck Snacktastic announced it’d be matching the girls’ donation and providing them with a free lunch.

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