Hiring freeze at City Hall

Rossland city council implemented a hiring freeze for the City of Rossland after the chief financial manager projected a deficit for 2015.

Rossland city council held a special meeting on Friday to implement a hiring freeze for the City of Rossland.

Council met to vote on a motion to “for pre-approval by Council for the hiring of all consultants and temporary administrative staff at the City of Rossland,” but ended up voting that motion down and instead implemented an all-encompassing hiring freeze after Councillor Lloyd McLellan pointed out that “consultants and temporary administrative staff” didn’t necessarily cover all possible future hires.

The hiring freeze would still allow the city to hire new employees with council approval.

Council then voted to allow public works to hire for the two positions the department currently has open.

The hiring freeze came as a result of a report received from the chief financial manager at the last regular council meeting on Sept. 28 that showed a projected annual deficit of $252, 970 for 2015.


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