Roxy has a knee that slips out of place.

Roxy has a knee that slips out of place.

Help with Roxy’s surgery

Even the volunteer non-profit organization needs help with the vet bills.

Roxy the tiny Chihuahua yipes like she’s in agony every time someone new comes near her. She draws up her slender leg, anticipating that the pain will soon return to her knee.

The two-year-old, long-legged fawn Chihuahua has a knee that slips painfully out of place, and she doesn’t trust people to handle her. She looks healthy, and the problem can only be seen on an X-ray.

“She’s had this her whole life, and she’s extremely sore,” said Maple Ridge SPCA branch manager Jenn Stack.

When her owners found out how expensive the surgery would be to make the knee sound, they simply couldn’t afford the cost, and surrendered their pet to the Maple Ridge SPCA.

Even the volunteer non-profit organization needs help with the vet bills, and is asking for animal lovers to help.

“Roxy is so adorable and a real cuddle-bug – she reminds you of Bambi,” said Stack. “You can see her keep her leg up to prevent it from hurting – it is heartbreaking.”

The Maple Ridge SPCA is asking for public help in covering the cost of rehabilitating Roxy. The surgery, recovery and other medical costs associate with Roxy’s care are expected to be about $2,400.

A specialist from Boundary Bay will perform the surgery at a “significantly discounted” cost, and the Dewdney Animal Hospital will provide follow-up care. The surgery is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Once Roxy has been rehabbed, she will be available for adoption. Her prognosis to be completely healthy after surgery is excellent.

“She warms up to people she likes,” said Stack.

“She’s a little bit of a diva,” she added, saying Roxy might be best where she is the only dog.

“She wants to soak up all the love in the house.”


Help Roxy

Anyone who wants to help Roxy and other animals in need at the Maple Ridge SPCA branch can donate online at or in person at 10235 Jackson Rd., Maple Ridge.



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