Cover of the April 23 issue of The Northern View

Cover of the April 23 issue of The Northern View

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In a blindingly short time, the world’s a very different place.

The global onslaught of COVID-19 has tilted, turned and tangled virtually every aspect of everyday existence, tearing into economic stability, dismantling normal social interaction, and unsettling the stoutest of hearts.

It is a time to which few can attach any threads of reference or solace.

Yet, holding steadfast in this bewildering new landscape is enduring human trust in family, and confidence in Canada’s top-notch medical health care system, and all of those remarkable front-line professionals who work so diligently within it.

That Canadian determination and devotion will see us all into brighter days ahead, as it has in the past.

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What has also remained unchanged in these uncertain days is the public’s need and unquenchable desire for relevant, accurate and timely information.

At The Northern View, we know this to be an undeniable fact, proven by the monumental increases in visitors to our websites over the past several weeks. You, our readers, consistently generated more than a quarter-million page views this month on our site.

That tells us we have your confidence as a trusted news source in Prince Rupert, and we are deeply honoured to continue that service.

The Northern View and Black Press Media multimedia journalists are among the very best in Western Canada, earning accolades for their high-quality, insightful and compelling news coverage and story-telling.

But with great angst, we must report that our ranks are being dramatically thinned by the damage that COVID-19 has brought to the business environment.

The community news media industry has not been spared in any way in terms of the chilling, catastrophic drops in revenues seen across all sectors of the business world.

The economic survival solutions are very few. They most certainly include layoffs, and those include journalists, who are the very individuals upon who you depend to accurately report on these world-altering days.

To call it ironic would not do the situation justice, yet we can find no better word.

When our communities need the very best of journalism, some of their very best journalists and editors, and the companies that employ them, are highly vulnerable themselves.

This request is one we would never have made until now.

Journalists pride themselves of being fiercely independent of government, social biases, advertiser influence – of anything that might compromise their neutrality and ability to responsibly reflect the world around them. Those who stay unconditionally committed to this now do what they do because they believe in it. And we stand with them, with our breath and soul.

The delivery of news has morphed dramatically in the past 20 years, from a time when newspaper subscriptions were a primary source of revenue for the business. No longer. News is primarily available for free, in our print products, and online.

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In this digital age, all manner of information is free – but only a small portion can claim to be generated by highly-trained, responsible journalists and the media companies for which they work.

Now is the time when the importance of accurate, ethical reporting is critical – perhaps as never before. In order to for all of us to move beyond COVID-19 – and we will – you need to know as much as possible about this disease; the effectiveness of all efforts to defeat it, and the impact it is having on the world around you.

All the while, you also need to know that life in our community strongly goes on, despite this immense challenge. There are still many brave hearts, acts of kindness, light moments and triumphs, and countless examples of Rupertites rising to a great challenge. Life does indeed march on.

So, we now respectfully ask you – the consumers of the vital information we collect, examine, interpret and present in the most balanced and factual way possible – to consider the value of what we do.

Should you agree that the news we deliver, in print and online, is critical to maintaining an informed perspective of how the world is changing in these times, and how it might look tomorrow, we ask for your contribution to The Northern View.

We wish to be with you tomorrow, and in better days ahead, doing what we do with dedication and pride.

As much as you, we want to turn away from writing about COVID-19 and, hopefully soon, report its ultimate demise, and then return to telling meaningful stories that reflect all facets of the communities in which we work, live and support.

In order to do that, our business must survive.

We intend to do that, and here is how you can help. By making a one-time or ongoing donation to The Northern View you can help ensure that your community continues to enjoy the benefits that come with a local community newspaper. Click here to help.

Thank you,

Todd Hamilton, publisher/editor

Melissa Boutilier, office manager

Kimberley Millar, journalist

Meaghan Proteau, advertising

Terry St. Pierre, distribution

Dennis Wilson, distribution

John Pahl, distribution

Jamie Alexander, distribution

Sam Jones, distribution

Kolin Huddlestone, distribution

Frank Pierce, distribution

Juanita Ritson, distribution

Jase Long, distribution

Iona Riesen, distribution

Gabriel Lepisto, distribution

Natasha Brown, distribution

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