Happy hauntings in Alberni Valley

We asked our Facebook followers where they go to see Halloween haunts, and they gave us some good ideas.

  • Oct. 25, 2012 10:00 a.m.

BooWe asked our Facebook followers where they go to see Halloween haunts, and they gave us some good ideas.

Mel Dunlop has decorated her house on Burde Street at Sixth Avenue for the past six years.

Wet weather delayed her setting up her display this year and “I’ve already had people tell me I’m behind schedule,” she says.

A Wiccan, Dunlop goes all out for All Hallow’s Eve, or Samhain.

“On Halloween, you won’t know what moves and what doesn’t,” she warns, adding that “ghouls” tone it down for young children.

Kelly and Terry Edgar were renowned in Nitinat for their Halloween house. They relocated to Port Alberni last year, and their garage on 21st Avenue at McIntyre Drive (go to the top of Wallace Street and hang a sharp right onto 21st) is gaining a similar reputation.

Their display features a projector, sound effects and some interactive displays.

“My husband knows how to wire all this stuff,” says Kelly.

Some of it is so creepy her brother won’t even go near it. Do you dare?

There is one house on Beaver Creek Road that makes it onto many people’s lists every year. It’s about 13 kilometres up the road, almost at Stamp Falls Provincial Park, but it’s worth the drive.

The Barkhouse family on 10th Avenue loves the air-filled Halloween decorations, and they’ve set up their front yard with some favourites.

Mike Duggan has spent a lot of time decorating her family’s home with spider webs, zombie graveyards—and did Timmy really fall down the well again? You’ll have to check it out at China Creek Road and Ninth Avenue and figure it out yourself.

The Alemany kids might be surprised to see a witch has crashed into one of their hedges on Sixth Avenue between Redford Street and Morton. Perhaps she was trying to avoid the ghost in the front yard.

And while West Porte was quiet the week before Halloween, rumour has it that the hangman has hung around one of the front yards up there.

Have you got a to-die-for decorated home? Add it to our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ Alberni-Valley-News.


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