Painting by Dave Davies from Shaver’s Bench facing Teck Trail.

Happy 120th Birthday to the City of Trail!

The town of Trail Creek- or Trail Creek Landing - was incorporated as a city on June 14, 1901.

With so much going on in the world these days, the Trail Times is paying homage to a birthday that will quietly slip by early next week.

The fact is on Monday, the City of Trail officially turns 120 years.

Yes, the town of Trail Creek- or Trail Creek Landing – was incorporated as a city on June 14, 1901.

This reminder came to the newspaper via Dave Davies of Qualicum Beach. Davies lived in Fruitvale from 1978 to 2004, where he taught elementary school. When the city turned a century back in 2001, he painted a beautiful tribute to the place.

“I started painting just before I turned fifty, ready for retirement,” Davies said. “I took an introductory watercolour course then joined the Thursday Night Painters at the VISAC.”

Watercolour scene of Central School from downtown Trail, painted by Dave Davies.

Fast forward to a few months ago, Davies was sharing images with another artist who moved from Trail at the same time he did, when he realized that the centenary was 20 years ago.

That’s why he decided to share his artwork with Times readers – as a way to jog fond memories of days long past.

“The watercolours are all local,” Davies said. “Although it may not be the Taj Mahal or Angkor Wat, Cominco as a landmark is just as recognizable. I tried to use angles that would include other familiar sites. The view from Shaver’s Bench, for example, incorporates the Italian heritage with the rock wall.”

“Trail Twinning,” is the name Dave Davies gives his rendering of the Rotary Park statue which recognizes Trail and her sister city of Sagamihara, Japan.

Davies fondly recalls his time living in the Trail area, reminiscing about shoveling snow to keep fit, good times coaching soccer, and the warmth of friendships he and his wife still cherish.

These days Davies remains active by cycling and painting.

“I bought myself a road bike for my 70th birthday and have put just over 31,000 kilometres on it so far,” he shares. “My aim is to do the equivalent of the circumference of the equator and I am three-quarters of the way there.”

For several years he was a member of the Federation of Canadian artists and was a resident artist at The Old Schoolhouse Gallery in Qualicum Beach, painting landscapes, seascapes and portraits.

“As we live near the water I have taken advantage,” Davies said. “I have painted on oyster and clam shells and sold enough to send over $5,000 to a landmine victim that we know in Cambodia to help him through university.”

Watercolour by Dave Davies of Trail from Second Avenue. Image: Dave Davies

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Trail Turns 100 ambigram by Dave Davies. An ambigram is a visual pun; a calligraphic design having two or more interpretations as written words. Davies uses the numbers of 100 and 2001 to visualize Trail becoming centenary.

Image: Dave Davies