Grade 12’s big relief in sight

Soon to be graduates of Lake Cowichan Secondary School have finished preparing for their graduation.

Jennifer Thompson filling out her last of many scholarship applications.

The time has come to get ready for the future. The soon to be graduates of Lake Cowichan Secondary School have finished preparing for their graduation. For the past few months the Grade 12 students have been picking up their grades for scholarships and universities. There are 62 scholarships that have been presented to them with many more available on-line. That’s over $45,000 in scholarships.

A couple of the scholarships that were offered to the students were BPO Elks of Lake Cowichan Bursary, that goes to a student pursuing a forestry related career; Lake Cowichan Royal Canadian Legion Scholarship, which is given to a student who is the child or grandchild of a veteran, Canadian Forces or legion member; Mary Hofmeister Bursary, which is awarded to a graduating student who will be continuing studies in the performing arts; Town of Lake Cowichan Scholarship, which is offered to a student who is entering programs empathizing a career in local government and business.

The grads who left their scholarship applications until the last week, well they had a stressful week. Last Friday, March 30, was the last day for the students to have their scholarship applications handed in.

“I feel like I’m improving in my academics, and the hard work pays off when you apply for the scholarships,” said Grade 12 student Amber Bell. “I feel like a big weight has just been lifted off of my shoulders, and I’m getting excited for when I graduate!” said Grade 12 student Jennifer Thompson.

Now, as graduation is just around the corner, the graduating students start to get excited and anxious for what is waiting for them in the future. With a big relief that the scholarships and applications for universities are done, next on their list is keeping their grades up, staying on top of work, and when the time comes, saying good-bye to LCSS.


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