Good morning, Kelowna. Dust off the Mondays with this Oct. 24, 2016 opener

A new Monday has dawned and to get you on the right foot here are a few things to wrap your head around.

Things making news this morning, Oct. 18 in Kelowna.

Things making news this morning, Oct. 18 in Kelowna.

Good Monday morning, Kelowna. A new day has dawned and to get you on the right foot here are a few things to wrap your head around.

1.) As usual we are going to start with the weather. If you believe what the national weather agency has to say, then it will be cloudy with 60 per cent chance of showers. The high temperature will be around 13 C. That’s not so bad when you compare it to historical data that shows the coldest it ever got on this day was  -2.4 C in 2006. The warmest was 16.5 Cin 2009.  That said, it was much better this weekend. Here’s a live weather shot from our own Jean Russell.

2.) Monday is when we look to city politicians to make some headlines. Their agenda is full of interesting-ish stuff, but the story we think has legs is a potential policy change that will allow more homes to have secondary suites. It’s not just so people can have a legal mortgage helper. It’s aim is to improve the rental rate, which at around 0 per cent is pretty dismal. And if you’ve been following the innovative ideas for the rooftop of the Innovation Centre, you may also want to tune in.

3.) This day next week ghouls, ghosts and a heavy contingent of princesses will be roaming the streets looking for candy— it’s Halloween.  While it was once a free-for-all of inappropriate expressions of self, universities around Canada are trying to raise the bar and are banning a great number of staples from their events.

Closer to home, UBC Okanagan is taking a softer approach and hosting an event they’re calling  “It’s our culture, not your costume. #notyourstereotype

Students are asked to join the UBCSUO, the UBCO Indigenous Student Association, UBC Okanagan Aboriginal Programs & Services, and the UBC Okanagan International Student Club to discuss cultural appropriation in light of Halloween.  The event will be held Monday, Oct 31, from 3 to 5 p.m. at UNC 211-12 .

Here’s hoping they give them some coaching on how not to dress for festival season while they’re at it.

4.) Across the globe today hundreds of migrants and refugees have boarded buses and left the french town of Calais, in France, which has been called a “jungle camp.” They’re destined for accommodation elsewhere in the country on the first day of an operation to clear and then demolish the refugee camp in the northern port town. The Guardian is doing a real time report of all that’s happening that can be followed through this link.

5.) John Cleese and Eric Idle will be in Kelowna today. Can you believe it? In Together Again At Last…For The Very First Time, Cleese and Idle will blend scripted and improvised bits with storytelling, musical numbers, exclusive footage and aquatic juggling. Here’s a story from our sister paper. See you there!

If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, start here.

Now go have a great day! —KM

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