Wood says that the Grad Bags will be similar to what the Wine Ninjas have been handing out - minus the booze, of course. (Talia Galligan - Facebook)

Wood says that the Grad Bags will be similar to what the Wine Ninjas have been handing out - minus the booze, of course. (Talia Galligan - Facebook)

Golden Wine Ninjas put together gifts for grads

The Wine Ninjas are soliciting donations to put together gifts for the graduating class of 2020

  • Jun. 10, 2020 12:00 a.m.

The Golden Wine Ninjas are taking on a unique project to ensure the graduating class of 2020 has something special as they move onto the next phase of their life overshadowed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“We wanted to do something special for the grads since they’re not getting a traditional celebration,” said Jolene Wood, the organizer behind the Golden Wine Ninjas.

“They don’t get a prom, they don’t get a full ceremony, so we wanted to put together a little something from the community saying that we love them and that we feel for them with the changes to their graduation.”

Wood said that the group is putting together tote bags with gifts and surprises for the grads.

She’s currently soliciting donations from the Wine Ninjas and the Golden community at large to help pay for the gifts.

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She’s hoping to have a gift card in each of the bags from different local businesses.

There will also be a few filler items and the tote bag itself, which Wood said will be emblazoned with “Grads 2020.”

She hopes the grads can use the bags for books or whatever they need as they move on from high school.

While the project only started last week, the response so far has been positive.

“People are excited about it,” said Wood.

“I only just put it out there to the larger community in the last few days, but everyone in the Wine Ninja group at the very least is excited and everyone knows that the grads are very deserving of this.”

Wood sais she’s committed to ensuring that each bag is of equal value so that no grad feels left out. The hope is more local businesses will get involved.

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While Wood was the one who got the ball rolling on the project, she has had plenty of help from ladies involved with the Wine Ninjas, who have been helping her delegate and create the bags.

“We had so many people excited to give wine and other gifts to the ladies of the community and it’s translated into support for the grads,” said Wood.

“I’m getting lots of help and everyone is bringing their additions to the bag.”

Now, she’s currently trying to coordinate how to get the bags to the grads, hoping to present them to the students as they receive their diplomas at the split grad ceremony on June 24 and 25.

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