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Getting curbside recycling back in the district is still going to be a challenge, says Kat Slorstad

In order to have this service, either the district or Nak'azdli Whut'en need to be primary contract holders with Recycle BC

  • Nov. 7, 2019 12:00 a.m.

Getting curbside recycling back is still going to be a struggle, even though the district has published a letter of intent to enter into a contract with Kat Slorstad of Imperative Recycling.

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The only way the district will have curbside recycling again is if either Nak’azdli Whut’en First Nation or the district of Fort St. James commit to entering into a contract with Recycle BC, Slorstad explained.

Nak’azdli is the primary contract holder with Recycle BC currently, with the contract expiring end of the year. The First Nations community had stated earlier this year, that they didn’t want to be contract holders anymore. The service was going to end on June 30, but was extended until the end of the year after requests from community members including Slorstad.

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The district of Fort St. James cited liability reasons for not wanting to be the primary contract holders, Slorstad said.

Mayor Bev Playfair declined to comment at the moment and said there would be more clarity provided after the Nov. 12 regular public meeting of council.

Through the letter of intent, the district of Fort St. James said they would commit entering into a five year contract with Slorstad where they would provide the garbage truck for bi-weekly pick up of single-stream recyclable materials and they would also give Slorstad a municipal employee to help with the pick-up.

They have committed to providing recycling carts to residents for this service as well. Additionally they will lease the Integris building for $1 per year.

But the main issue is still about who the main contract holder will be with Recycle BC, as private companies cannot hold the primary contract. Slorstad can only provide the service if she is sub-contracted by either the district or Nak’azdli.

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