Garbage cans create bear problems

Josh Lockwood knows his garbage day.

So when he sees garbage cans in his neighbourhood – or any neighbourhood for that matter – put out quite early for pick up, the sergeant with the B.C. Conservation Office offers up a heavy sigh.

The cans, you see, are an invitation for bears to come wandering into neighbourhoods looking for food.

“I saw four cans out today and garbage day is tomorrow,” said Lockwood serving up a reminder.

His office has already received several complaints of bears being in the garbage in the Vernon and Lumby areas.

“Do not put garbage out until just a few hours before it is to be picked up to help solve the problems with bears and garbage,” he said.

“Remember once a bear gets into the garbage it will lead to the bear always wanting to search for garbage.”

Such action could lead to a bear needing to be destroyed.

“Once it becomes habituated to garbage, it will not go back to natural food sources,” said Lockwood.

There were reports of a couple of bears near BX Elementary Wednesday, prompting cancellation of walks for students and teachers near BX Creek.

Lockwood was unaware of those sightings.

“We have a trap set higher up near Tillicum, which is on BX Creek,” he said.

“Obviously the bears would be travelling the creek bed.”



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