Former SD68 principal pleads guilty to theft

Street has admitted to stealing approximately $2,320 from the school

  • Dec. 21, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Spencer AndersonSpecial to the chronicle

Former LSS Principal David Street, who resigned as principal of Woodlands Secondary in May, issued a tearful apology in provincial court Monday, Dec. 14.

Street has admitted to stealing approximately $2,320 from the school between November 2014 and March of this year. The money came from graduation fees, donations for school programs, events and fees for school sports over several weeks.

According to information read out in court, Street had a safe installed in one of the school’s administration offices and told his staff to store school money there, instead of locking it in a filing cabinet as had been done in the past.

Street told his staff he did not want access to the safe. But three of his office administrators began noticing that money was missing.

RCMP began an investigation, but Street said only his staff had access to the safe.

Two of Street’s staff, who were questioned by police, decided to secretly install a motion sensor camera in the office where the safe was stored. Video footage gathered later showed Street entering the office and taking money from the safe and filing cabinet seven times between Feb. 25 and March 11.

Sentencing has been put off until the new year. Street read out an emotional apology to the court, indicating he had been dealing with alcohol abuse and a pattern of “self-destructive” behaviour.

“I am so very sorry for all I have done. I’m so sorry.”


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