Former Kelowna APC chairwoman appointed to heritage committee

Leanne Spanza is one of six people named to city's new heritage committee.

The former chairwoman of  Kelowna’s now defunct Advisory Planning Commission will still have a say in recommendations to city council about some land use initiatives.

Leanne Spanza, who chaired the APC and and spoke out against city council’s decision to axe it earlier this year, has been appointed to Kelowna’s new Community Heritage Committee.

The committee replaces the old heritage commission and will also include Brian Anderson and Jim Meiklejohn as community at large members.

In addition to the trio, John Pendray, representing the Central Okanagan Heritage Society, Robert Hayes, representing the Okanagan Historical Society, and Tracy Satin, representing the Kelowna Museums Society were also appointed to committee by council Monday. Cheryl Pelliscy, Ann Bostock and Patti Kilback were appointed as alternates.

In additon to the heritage committee appointments, Pierre Calissi, Leo Gilbert, Arthur Green, Bob Hrasko, John Janmaat, Gordon Sandu and Pete Spencer were all appointed to the city’s Agricultural Advisory Committee. Yvonne Herbison and Edward Schiller were appointed as alternates.

Like the members of the heritage committee, their terms will run until 2014.


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