Forest fire north side of Babine Lake

Northwest Fire Centre responds to five new fires throughout the region

The Northwest Fire Centre has responded to five new fires this  week, as warm and dry weather continues throughout the region.

The largest of these fires is located on the north side of Babine Lake  (just south of Cunningham Lake) and is estimated at six hectares. Gaining

access to this fire is a challenge for fire crews, so air tankers are  being used to slow the fire’s spread until ground crews arrive on site.

This fire is believed to be a “holdover” fire, which means that it was  originally sparked by lightning that moved through the area earlier this

season. The fire likely remained dormant or very small until recent hot  and dry weather caused it to grow and become visible. Smoke may be visible from Pendleton Bay, Donald Landing and Pinkut Fishery.

Other fires this week include a second holdover fire and a fire caused by  spontaneous combustion in a sawdust pile.

All of these fires are reminders that, even though summer weather is  giving way to autumn conditions, fire hazard ratings remain elevated throughout much of the region. Significant areas of the Cassiar Fire Zone  and Nadina Fire Zone are experiencing a “high” fire danger rating. Many other areas, including Smithers and Hazelton, have a “moderate” fire  danger rating.


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