Foresight for the community’s future

100 Mile House planning surrounds resident visions

The District of 100 Mile House is inviting local residents to provide their input for a local sustainability plan.

Comments and ideas for how the community might best evolve will then help form a long-term strategy for 100 Mile House.

Mayor Mitch Campsall encourages residents to think ahead about what they see as their future needs, and then get involved in the planning process.

“This is a great chance to envision what a prosperous, vibrant and sustainable 100 Mile House looks like to you. Think 50 years ahead – what kind of shared future do we want for our community?”

The process will be facilitated with the District by Smart Planning for Communities (SPC), a Fraser Basin Council partnership program.

District planner Joanne Doddridge says the local project has been dubbed Miles Ahead – 100 Mile House Sustainability Plan.

It involves gathering public input and ideas on how to sustain the community, from its economy and industry to clean water and senior’s needs, she explains.

“We have been looking to do an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) for a long time. And, Fraser Basin Council offers a program where they will help fund an ICSP plan for very small rural communities.”

The District will be collecting comments from local residents, mostly those within the municipality, but also some in its fringe communities, Doddridge adds.

“An ICSP is a big, overarching vision of what we all want to see 100 Mile be like in the future. It’s not intended to be prescriptive.”

The municipal planner says this vision might be of 50 to 100 years down the road, which is a longer-term view than seen in some municipalities’ plans.

Discussions around local values and visions will cover most aspects of the community, such as economic stability, housing, seniors needs, recreational development and environmental management, Doddridge adds.

“Maybe we want a strong agriculture base, maybe we want the drinking water, maybe we want the seniors to have access to all of the services they need.”

She explains a survey and other conversations to be held in public places around town will seek answers to some high-level questions about what folks would like to see sustained down the road.

“Then, we will take that and distil it a bit and see if we can find some common themes.”

Following that step, a workshop will be held near the middle of June during which break-out groups will hash out more common themes for the sustainability plan, she notes.

SPC program manager Joan Chess says she sees public engagement as a core step in this planning process.

“Community input is so important in creating a plan with residents and community leaders that can be used for several generations and truly prepare communities for a more sustainable future.”

Outreach events will start during the week of May 19. Watch for surveys and the dates for open houses, and get more information or provide your input online, at the Miles Ahead link on the district website at

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