Fireweed Safe Haven: continuing to provide support for local women

“For those who believe all is possible. You have the right to be safe. We can help.”

  • Apr. 27, 2016 5:00 p.m.
Fireweed Safe Haven, Fort St. James.

Fireweed Safe Haven, Fort St. James.

Barbara Latkowski

Caledonia Courier

“For those who believe all is possible. You have the right to be safe. We can help.”

This is what Fireweed Safe Haven in Fort St. James continues to promote in support of local women who experience abuse within the community.

Fireweed has been running for about 15 years and house manager, Talia Wyssen couldn’t be happier with her role.

“It’s a great place to be. It challenges you and makes you grow,” Wyseen said.

The safe haven provides local women and their children a safe place, away from violence and abuse.

Women can share their experiences in a safe and confidential environment where they can receive emotional support and access to other resources and services

Fireweed provides assistance in developing a safety plan and teaches women about the cycle of violence.

According to Fireweed, the facility provides support in: finding suitable housing, applying for income assistance, access to counsellors, Victim Services, Legal Aid and medical attention.

Fireweed also has activities associated with daily maintenance as well as resource information to enable women to explore their options and define their goals.

Staff also provides services as needed whether it be medical or legal.

Three nutritious meals a day are provided, bedding, towels, essential toiletries, laundry facilities, crisis intervention and referral support are also provided.

Women may also have access to Fireweed’s supportive recovery beds.

According to the Safe Haven, over-coming addictions to drugs and alcohol can be extremely difficult and lonely.

The supportive recovery program is available to assist women with their sobriety by providing a clean and supportive environment.

To access the supportive recovery bed, a woman must be actively working with a drug and alcohol counsellor who will refer her.

Fireweed also provides outreach workers and child minding. A Stopping the Violence Counsellor is also available for women who have been in an abusive relationship and have been exposed to violence.


Support groups have also been offered in the past.

“We’ve already had one successful experience and we are looking forward to more,” Wyssen said.

“Women who experience violence are often confronted with mental health issues and addictions. We hope women will come and gain some meaningful relationships and connections in the future.”

For Wyseen, it’s all about being able to provide women with the support they need.

“It’s so great being able to support the women in our community and to help empower them.”

For more information about Fireweed Safe Haven, call: (250) 996-8000.




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