Federal funds help Kelowna become more energy efficient.

A $1.25 million grant from the federal Gas Tax Fund is the latest contribution from Ottawa to help the city go green.

Kelowna airport and other city-owned buildings are now more energy efficient thanks to a $1.25 million grant from the federal government’s Gas Tax Fund.

The City of Kelowna has dedicated a portion of its annual Gas Tax Fund transfer to geothermal and radiant floor heating projects designed to help reduce the airport’s overall carbon footprint, say city officials. Funding also supported the development of an energy management program that focused on the larger energy consumers across the city.

The program formalized the city’s efforts to improve corporate energy efficiency by creating benchmarks and testing their energy efficiency, according to City Hall.

“Federal Gas Tax funds make it possible for the City of Kelowna to follow through on our plans to build sustainable buildings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Mayor Walter Gray at a news conference at the airport Monday morning.

“At the Kelowna International Airport and throughout the city, we use these funds to improve energy efficiency through innovative new technologies we might not otherwise be able to afford.”

Kerry-Lynne Findlay, the federal minister of national revenue, who was also on hand at the airport Monday, said the city’s new energy management program for large-energy consumers will also contribute to improved corporate energy efficiency across the region.”

Ottawa provides $250,697,000 in annual funding for municipal infrastructure in British Columbia through the federal Gas Tax Fund. The Union of British Columbia Municipalities administers the fund in BC, in collaboration with the federal and provincial governments.

To date, Kelowna has received more than $33 million from the fund.


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