In this photo released by Suez Canal Authority, the Ever Given, a Panama-flagged cargo ship is pulled by one of the Suez Canal tugboats, in the Suez Canal, Egypt, Monday, March 29, 2021. Engineers on Monday "partially refloated " the colossal container ship that continues to block traffic through the Suez Canal, authorities said, without providing further details about when the vessel would be set free. (Suez Canal Authority via AP)

Ever Given in the Elk Valley

The Suez Canal-blocking ship has been moved, but what if you dropped it into the valley?

  • Mar. 29, 2021 12:00 a.m.

It’s in a far-off land, but it’s been clogging up global trade routes and dominating world news for almost a week – but the Ever Given has finally been dislodged from the banks of the Suez Canal in Egypt.

The 400-metre long Suezmax container ship is one of the largest ever built, and it alone managed to bring some ten percent of all world trade to a halt after it plowed a mere five metres of its bow into the side of the Suez Canal, creating a six-day, 350-plus ship traffic jam between Port Said and Port Tewfik.

The Ever Given caused a lot of havoc in the Suez Canal, but what sort of trouble would it cause in the Elk Valley?

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, this burning question can now be answered with the ‘Ever Given Ever Ywhere’ website, which allows users to place the Ever Given anywhere on Google maps.

In the Elk Valley, the Ever Given might find the Elk River to be a bit of a tight squeeze. Though it does appear to fit (in some places) – it would find the corners to be a little problematic.

Source: Ever Given Ever Ywhere

In Fernie, a giant container ship getting lodged in the river might be useful as it would be the ideal solution to the ongoing housing crisis.

Source: Ever Given Ever Ywhere

Sparwood has almost the perfect spot for the Ever Given – all it needs is a little bit more parking in the downtown core, and for the Greenwood Mall to get out of the way.

Source: Ever Given Ever Ywhere

On the Wapiti Ski Hill in Elkford the Ever Given might be a bit of a buzz kill, being long enough to block every ski run.

Source: Ever Given Ever Ywhere

Big it may be, Teck’s Elkview operations would have no trouble swallowing up the Ever Given, and all the ships that were waiting in the Red Sea as well.

Head to the website to find out how much havoc you can cause with the Ever Given.

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