Election 2014: Ryan Windsor is Central Saanich’s new mayor

Windsor picked to lead a council with four incumbents, two people with experience and a newcomer to local politics.

Ryan Windsor is running for mayor in Central Saanich.

Ryan Windsor is running for mayor in Central Saanich.

Ryan Windsor is Central Saanich’s new mayor.

Windsor topped the polls in the district with 2,998, compared with Jack Mar’s tally of 1,955. Windsor reported the results when called by the News Review at around 9:30 p.m. Saturday night.

According to Windsor, he will be joined on council by Zeb King (incumbent), Alicia Cormier (incumbent), Carl Jesnen (incumbent), Christopher Graham, Bob Thompson and Niall Paltiel. Thompson and Graham have been on Central Saanich council in the past. Paltiel is a newcomer.

Windsor said the result shows that voters were looking for a stable, middle of the road council.

“I’m happy to be working with this new council,” Windsor said. “I am prepared to work with them.”

He said the next two weeks before the new council’s first meeting on Dec. 1 will give him time to think about appointments to the various council committees, and to work out what his first priorities are going to be.

“It’ll give me time to think about how we are going to shape this new council.”

Preliminary Results (District of Central Saanich)


Jack Mar – 1,955

David Shebib – 91

Ryan Windsor – 2,998 (elected)



Alicia Cormier – 2,968 (elected)

Christopher Graham – 2,820 (elected)

John Hannam – 2,276

Carl Jensen – 2,897 (elected)

Zeb King – 3,018 (elected)

Baldev Lalli – 612

Susan Mason – 1,966

William ‘Tex’ Moodrey – 203

Shawn Munro – 1,147

Niall Paltiel – 3,168 (elected)

Bob Thompson – 2,648 (elected)


School Trustee

Nancy Borden – 1,741 (elected)

Pat Bryant – 1,553

Nick Claxton – 1,331

Tim Dunford – 2,192 (elected)


Referendum question on amalgamation

Yes – 3,588

No – 1,489


Voter Turnout: 36%

Peninsula News Review