Cara Bjornson’s son is thrilled with his new hockey gear, but still misses his special jersey. (submitted)

Duncan family seeks return of stolen Crosby jersey

Hockey community rallies to replace boy's gear after theft

A Duncan woman is on the hunt for a prized hockey jersey after thieves stole her young son’s gear last Sunday night.

“Some very unkind individuals broke into our car,” Cara Bjornson posted on Facebook on Feb. 18.

In a follow-up interview she said “many houses on our road were hit. It seems like some no-good-doers just trying to cause trouble. Just went into cars that were unlocked. Stuff was thrown along the side of the road that they didn’t want.”

Bjornson said the thieves took a black Nike bag containing her five-year-old’s hockey gear. In it was a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey sweater with a Crosby nameplate on the back that her kids are particularly attached to.

“The jersey is the only thing of the lot that is sentimental to us,” she noted. “My hope is sharing on social media was to hopefully have everyone keep their eyes open in case someone tried to sell it online.”

Admittedly, the vehicle was unlocked at the time but it was still disappointing to suffer the feelings of violation and sadness that come as a result of theft. The response from the hockey community, however, was both swift and heartwarming. Offers of gear came flooding in from other hockey families and her son arrived at the rink the next day to a new hockey bag full of gear. The resulting smile was too big to fit in the giant bag.

The family still longs for the jersey, however, and are hoping somebody has the good sense to return it.

“It would be so awesome if that jersey magically showed up,” Bjornson said.

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